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PPI: How do you express deep gratitude to others?

Would you like to try a positive psychology intervention (PPI) that is an act of kindness towards another and that can improve your wellbeing for months after you’ve completed it? 

Writing a letter in which you express your gratitude and appreciation towards a family member, friend or colleague has been shown to improve wellbeing and reduce depressive symptoms.  In this exercise, write a letter that expresses your gratitude for what someone has contributed to your life. Be specific about what exactly you are grateful for and tell them how it has made you feel. You may decide not to give the person the letter, and that is absolutely ok, but if you do decide to share it with them, if possible deliver it in person. Afterwards, reflect on the following questions: How did this exercise make you feel?What reaction did the other person have?How did you feel a week after writing the letter?

And… who is the next person you’d like to write a gratitude letter to?

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