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Are you or a member of your team looking to improve your performance and wellbeing at work?

I specialise in working with mid- to senior-level leaders who are in the midst of difficult and challenging work environments. Constant restructures, layoffs and toxic work environments can have a very serious and negative impact on wellbeing and performance.

I utilise positive psychology-based techniques, psychometric assessments, and empathic coaching to support leaders to create sustainable changes to their wellbeing – with the result being that they can not only improve their performance and manage their work environments better – but thrive – and achieve the things that matter most to them.

Improved employee wellbeing = Better organisational performance

Research shows that when employees’ wellbeing is optimal, this can lead to improved company performance. Tangibly, this is achieved by reduced turnover, less sick days, increased productivity, and staff are simply motivated to give more.

Coaching for Organisations

Coaching Services for Organisations

Positive psychology coaching is science-based and includes different strategies or interventions that are implemented to support the clients’ personal and professional goals, as well as their wellbeing – which can be defined as the ability to feel good and function effectively.

I offer customised and positive psychology-based 1-1 coaching programmes that will support your leaders so that they can perform at their best.

Developmental coaching

to help a newly–appointed leader to develop and implement their positive & authentic leadership identity in a new role

Performance coaching

to support an employee to perform at their best and achieve optimal results

Transitional coaching

to prepare for adjustments to new work and culture contexts

Wellbeing coaching

to develop strategies to mitigate high stress levels that an employee may be experiencing

1. Proven effective

I use the PERMAH positive psychology wellbeing framework with my clients (adapted from Martin Seligman, 2011). It consists of individually measurable components: positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, accomplishment and health (PERMAH); and its goal is to increase flourishing, by strengthening each of these elements.


Below are some work-related outcomes that have been demonstrated through various studies.

Positive emotions

  • Development of personal resources including resilience

  • Dealing better with stress and challenges

  • Starting a contagion effect of positivity


  • Increased job enjoyment


  • Better relationships throughout the organisation

  • Improved coping and reduced conflict

  • Better problem solving and job performance

  • Improved morale and increased enjoyment


  • Better relationships throughout the organisation

  • Improved coping and reduced conflict

  • Better problem solving and job performance

  • Improved morale and increased enjoyment


  • Reduced stress and depression symptoms

  • Increases in positive emotions, feelings of achievement and engagement


  • Reduced turnover

2. Tangible benefits

8 Benefits for Individuals

Here are some of the valuable results that my coaching clients have reported:

1. Seeing their challenges from a new and more manageable perspective.

2. Having a better understanding of their strengths and how best to apply them.

3. Noticeable improvements to their confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

4. Reaching, or even exceeding, their personal goals and expectations.

5. Being able to make faster and more confident decisions.

6. Enriched and harmonious relationships.

7. Greater productivity and efficiency.

8. Overall, feeling more balanced, fulfilled and happy in all areas of their lives.

8 Benefits for Organisations

Here are some advantages of coaching that your organisation can benefit from:

1. Increased levels of productivity and a high-performance culture.


2. Employees who are better able to manage change.

3. Maximising the potential of employees.


4. Improved relationships and reduced levels of conflict.

5. Increased employee engagement levels.


6. A greater emphasis on a culture of creativity and problem-solving.


7. Reduced work-related stress, absences and turnover.

8. Overall Improved organisational performance.

3. Extensive expertise with employee engagement & wellbeing

For a long time, I’ve been fascinated by what organisations can do to ensure a positive working experience for their employees.

In my previous career, I worked for more than 15 years within large international companies. During this time, I managed effective communication and engagement strategies and campaigns, designed to encourage and support employees to give their best.


Topics I’ve worked on include leadership behaviours, corporate strategy, quality improvement, diversity & inclusion and health & safety. Within my MA Strategic Communication, I specifically focused on the link between employee communication and engagement.

I am very pleased to be able to take the knowledge that I’ve gained from both my Strategic Communication and Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology master degrees, as well as my experience in the corporate environment.


I utilise it for leaders and employees to obtain the strategies, tools and knowledge needed to perform at their best, have optimal wellbeing, and be positively engaged in the workplace.

4. Client Results

"I now feel more confident, more equipped and can better-apply solution-focused principles to get tasks completed to a high standard and in a timely manner.


I also feel stronger as a leader with more leadership strings to my bow. The coaching sessions have proved to be worth their weight in gold and served to be both a positive and beneficial influence."

- Paul, UK

"I have created positive habits for the future – have restarted my meditation and am doing more exercise which I love.


I have begun to identify more me time and am doing the things I love doing. I have slowed down and begun reflecting upon what is important to me. I feel more resilient and better able to deal with the negative aspects."

- Department Head, UK

Want to know more?

Book your free Consultation to learn more about how Positive Psychology Coaching can benefit your organisation.

4 reasons to work with me

Proven effective
Tangible benefits
Extensive experience
Client results

Additional benefits of working with me

Sessions with clients can be by Skype or FaceTime, meaning they don’t need to spend time travelling to appointments, as well as offering geographical flexibility. I can also travel to clients within the Zürich area and open my schedule in the evening or on weekend by request.


I’m continually striving to ensure the standard of service that I provide to my clients is of the highest quality, so I regularly request feedback on my coaching services to maintain this standard of excellence and work regularly with a qualified coaching supervisor. 

I’m also an affiliate member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology and am committed to working in accordance with their Code of Ethics. 


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