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How many careers have you had?

How many careers have you had (so far?!)?

I’ve done some research and discovered that we can expect to have between 7-10 different careers, and up to 15 different jobs in our lifetime.

I think that’s pretty amazing. If I had known that (and also how having many careers has only enriched my personal development and relatable work experience) when I felt under so much pressure to decide my future at 18 then I would have taken it all much more relaxed.

Let me think back at my different careers… swimming teacher for toddlers when I was in high school & uni, then started a primary school teaching degree (dropped out), worked in a bank, then in inbound tourism for Japanese. Now getting more serious with a communications / marketing career where I worked for over 15 years: hotel, logistics and engineering marketing and employee (internal) communication. My favourite parts of this career were in employee engagement and internal communications (I loved it so much that I did my Strategic Communication master at this time, focusing on the link between internal communication and employee engagement).

….Now I’ve found my perfect career – coaching.

In fact, I’m so sure that my coaching career will be long-term, that I’ve made the very very big decision to start my second master, this time in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

Until my last move to coaching, I kind of just went with the flow and took opportunities as they came up (and felt right at the time). Now through having my own coaching and doing psychometric tests to know myself and my strengths and talents better, I’ve actively sought out the right career for me.

That’s exactly why I’m offering the same to my clients – because it works!! And takes a lot of the risk out of changing career.

How many careers have you had so far?

How did you know that you needed to change?

How did you make the change?

What support did you have?

I’d love to hear your stories.

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